A Seeker's Guide to Internal Paradigm Shift
What if? Cards
75 What if Questions to Guide and Bless Your Day

Discover a world of fresh perspectives...
of Divine lessons and insights...

What if...you gently shift your focus to
      your passions?
What if...your life becomes manageable,
      joyous even, due to your new
      mind set?
What if...you are now able to learn a
      life lesson and move forward?
What if...you can create your life for
      the “Highest Good”* of all
      (including you)?

Allow the What if...? cards guide you to your perfect life path. Or pick a card to guide and bless your every day...

* Highest Good: for everyone’s growth, a needed learning, a win/win outcome, moving forward on one’s life path...
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Guided Classes

Mark your calendars!

Big Dreams

Do you remember how to Dream Big? You did it naturally as a child. The world was completely open to you then. Get back in touch with YOU... with what you really want. Learn how to move beyond blocks and fears. Make your Big Dream a reality. And, in the process, bring your unique gifts to the world!

Big Dreams consists of 8 classes and daily homework (a small amount). We will meet every other week for a total 16 weeks.

COST: $100.00

To register or to ask questions, call Deb at: 314-544-2555, or email her at terraartframe@sbcglobal.net

You may pay on PayPal, by check, or cash. Call Deb for details.

Scholarships may be available. Feel free to ask.

When you register you will be sent the supply list and other information.

Guided Meditation Mini-Retreats

Mark your calendars!

Upcoming 4th Friday Guided Meditation Mini-Retreats

Join Deborah Weltman for a most wonderful way to begin your weekend!

Relax . . . Restore . . . Refresh! Mini-retreats include: ceremony and ritual...guided medidation...journaling...fellowship...self-knowledge...surprises!

Upcoming Guided Meditation Mini-Retreats:

"Summer Solstice:
Connecting with Mother Earth"

Please bring with you items symbolic of your personal connection to Mother Earth. Think: earth, air, water, fire... bring an item representing each of the elements. We will be creating sacred space...and moving from ordinary time to "time out of time."

“Pilgrimage to Essence of Self"
A pilgrimage is a journey, perhaps a long one, made to a sacred place…a place of devotion…a place that is honoring…and that honors YOU. Journey to your Sacred Essence…lose that which no longer serves you…feel your deep connection with YOUR path. Bring a special notebook and a pen you like to write with.
     "Opening to Intuition"
Give your rational mind a break…experience being connected to your intuitive abilities…any time you desire. Bring with you a “talisman”, a personal symbol that represents safety in your world (a photo of a loved one, living or dead…a special gift…a good-luck charm…a “significant” piece of jewelry, etc.) Bring also, a special rock/stone…any kind you would like.

Before you came here into physical form, you resided with the “Great Creator”… in etheric form… Learn more about the time before you were born into this physical life. Learn more about what you signed up for! Bring with you a “lovie”…a soft blanket or a stuffed animal…something you can hold that feels comforting to you.

TIME: 7:30-9:00 PM
COST: $12.00 at the door (or pay-in-advance: $10.00)
LOCATION: The Office of Dr. Cheryl Shea
Complete Wellness Center
10807 Big Bend Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63122

RSVP to Deborah and make your pay-in-advance arrangements by calling: 314-544-2555

Deborah is available to present Guided Meditation Mini-Retreats to your group (church, office, school, personal growth, club, friends, family...)

Call for a list of guided meditation topics and for cost information. For an enjoyable transformational experience... growth & self-knowledge through guided meditation!

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